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    Business and Events

    A strong approach to quality and efficiency is the Backbone to our business portfolio. Always aiming to achieve a positive result, motivates us to achieve nothing less than success. We handle trade shows, congresses, Company Incentives and Various events.

    • Trade Shows


    • Congress & Incentives


      exposé specializes in the incoming sector of Portugal, our mission is to stand out from the crowd by specialising in the MICE (description... ) area. Our expert management team will provide fresh dynamic and interesting options for your event.


      Operating all over Portugal including the Island of Madeira and Azores, we provide a full range of services leaving our clients with a complete solution. Attention to detail, quality and service are the major factors in which we focus on. To ensure that we leave you breathless and dreaming of your next return trip to Portugal with us.




      • Hotel reservation
      • Venue selection
      • Pre-marketing programme
      • Pre-conference registration
      • Inspection visits for programme finalization
      • On site registration
      • Supervision & personal services throughout the event
      • Social functions
      • Interpreting / translation services
      • Transportation
      • Tours
      • Flexibility to last minute requests/changes
      • Algarve - Congress & Incentives

        Gorgeous beaches, warm water and glorious sunshine year-round. The Algarve is the dream holiday.
        Served by Faro International Airport, the Algarve is one of the most highly sought after destinations for Meetings, Incentives & Events. Its magnificent beaches, warm water and the region’s excellent temperatures which are available all year round. The hospitality of the local people is exceptional with great variety and quality of hotels and restaurants from which to choose from. the abundance of entertainment and exciting nightlife have all helped to make the Algarve an internationally popular and highly privileged destination.



        Equipped with excellent facilities and activities for those who enjoy an active tourism itenary, particularly water sports and golf fans. The Algarve benefits from a climate that makes outdoor activities possible all year round. The Algarve is able to offer exceptional characteristics when organising events, no matter how ambitious they may be.


        The Algarve is more than just a all season Region. The Algarve offers highest class, modern well-equipped rooms for conferences, events and hotel facilities. as well as top-quality restaurants and catering services, with a predominance of shellfish and fresh fish dishes.


        Temperatures average between 14°C and 24°C – 57°F in winter and rarely going below 12°C - 53°F. In Summer temperatures reach as high as 28°C or 30°C - 82°F or 86° F - in July and August), which are ideal for playing golf and other sports.


        In the northern part of Algarve, the mountain ranges of Espinhaço de Cão, Monchique and Caldeirão shelter the coast from strong winds. This brightly coloured region, with its fig trees, orange groves and almond trees in blossom, is also the most verdant and fertile. The southern coastline consists of a long stretch of fabulous sandy beaches, broken up by extraordinary rugged red cliffs and fantastic grottoes.


        Apart from the wealth of available water sport facilities (the marinas of Vilamoura and Lagos deserve special mention, amongst the various ports and harbours), there are other alternatives, such as tennis courts, famous golf courses, luxury hotels or quaint holiday resorts and an exciting nightlife.


      • Lisbon - Congress & Incentives

        Europe's most westerly capital occupies a special place on the Continent.
        Tucked away far beyond the Pyrenees and only reached by those specifically aiming to go there, it has been both a haven from Old-world troubles and a spring board for adventures in the New.


        All history's conquering and itinerant hordes have found their way here -Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoth's, Moors, not to mention Spaniards and French - while its colonies have brought settlers from Africa, South America, South East Asia and China. Down the centuries this cosmopolitan city has offered shelter to Europe's outcasts, hope to its invalids, pleasure to its tourists and a last refuge to kings who have been kicked off their thrones.


        Lisbon (Lisboa), the country's capital, stands breezily on the banks of the Rio Tejo. The city's low skyline, unpretentious atmosphere and pleasant blend of architectural styles conspire to make it a favourite with many visitors .A clear choice for Lisbon's finest attraction is the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. Lisbon has a number of attractive museums, including the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, which contains superb displays of decorative tiles; the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, which houses the national collection of works by Portuguese painters; and the immense Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, considered the finest museum in Portugal, with exhibits of paintings, sculptures, carpets, coins and ceramics from around the world.


        Other places of interest are the districts of Baixa and Alfama. Lisbon's nightlife is boisterous, and includes drinking in bars, raving at discos, bopping to jazz and African rhythms or puzzling over fado. Local soccer matches and bullfights are the biggest daylight thrills.

      • Porto - Congress & Incentives

        The sight of Porto...the sight of Porto is always – or nearly always – a rediscovery of images of a hidden city that we keep within ourselves. Dense images that are as impenetrable as the morning mist…Images of autumn twilights that tint the houses, rooftops, skylights, garrets, towers, lanterns and chimneys of S.Nicolau, Vitoria and Miragaia. Tinting them and softly blending the undefined colours, the faded tones evocative of atmospheres that words cannot describe: pale purple and cobalt - flashes of orange. Violet-greys shot through with light that sparkles on the window-panes. Images of evenings seen from the bridge, the Jardim do Morro or the Serra do Pilar, dotted with lights, thousands of lights reflected in the waters of the river.

      • Madeira - Congress & Incentives

        If paradise is a calm and peaceful spot radiating harmony, serenity and beauty, then it is surely to be found in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean and goes under the name of Madeira.


        A favorite destination for the rich and famous - amongst them Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth of Austria - the island of Madeira seems predestined to transform your events into breathtaking and unforgettable adventures.


        The Island can be reached by either boat or plane - its international airport was recently enlarged and re modernized - and those who visit it are immediately delighted by the sight of its outline against the horizon.


        The island´s luxuriant vegetation, great abundance of exotic flowers, blue seas and mild gentle climate enhance the pleasure of staying in one of the many excellent 4 or 5-star hotels, all of which have excellent facilities for organising all types of meetings and events in a paradisiacal atmosphere that is ideal for leisure and entertainment programme's.


        The support infrastructures, particularly the island´s recently refurbished Conference Center, the highly-trained specialist staff and the increased supply of hotel accommodation have been decisive factors in consolidating Madeira´s reputation as one of the most popular destinations for Meetings, Incentives & Events. And if you do, in fact, make this destination your choice, then you should be sure to include a large dose of Nature and Adventure Tourism in your program, for this will certainly guarantee the success of your initiative. (ICEP)

      • Azores - Congress & Incentives

        This group of nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean marks the westernmost frontier of Europe. Some say that together they once formed part of the mysterious island of Atlantis.If you're looking to relax and forget the stresses of your daily life, then the Azores are the place for you.


        Imagine nine islands where nature has managed to preserve the beauty of its origins, where the climate is mildly temperate, where the predominant colours are relaxing shades of green and where, in spring, the roadsides are lined with blue and white hydrangeas. Certainly you have never before heard of a place where there are lakes that are blue and green, having been formed, according to legend, from the tears shed by a green-eyed prince and a blue-eyed princess on learning that they could never marry. The Azores are also the only place where you can enjoy a traditional dish cooked in iron pans amidst the hot vapours of mineral waters that bubble up from below the ground.


        You will find all this and much more in these islands christened with the names of São Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo. They were first visited by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century and have since developed their own rich and longstanding heritage, with the archipelago's crowning glory being the city of Angra do Heroísmo (on the island of Terceira), classified as a world heritage site. Hidden in the depths of the sea is an immense wealth of fauna and flora and (who knows?) perhaps there are treasures of another kind, for these islands marked the intersection of the ancient trade routes followed by ships as they sailed between the Old and New Worlds. Come and discover these treasures for yourself and see if you agree with the opinion of one child, who was so overcome by the beauty of these islands that he tugged at the tails of his father's coat and asked:
        "Tell me, Dad, is there where God lives?" (ICEP)

    • Events Management

      exposé is a local partner for all corporate meetings and incentive programs in Portugal.

      Our comprehensive management service allocates a project manager to the event team, who will then discuss the plan, present a full proposal and co-ordinate all the logistics. The group will always be escorted for the full duration of the event by a member of the exposé team.

      exposé has extensive experience, with a unique sense of creativity and imagination that creates spectacular concepts. We efficiently bring together simple and complex motivational strategies with creative flair and imagination with absolute attention to detail.
      Recognizing that each event should be run to its highest standards, is our motivational tool to succeed.

      1. Coordinate all relevant parties
      2. Create unique concepts and themes.
      3. Imaginative solutions
      4. Design and management of Activity programs
      5. Project Manager
      6. Venue selection
      7. Stage, light sound and AV equipment
      8. Auxiliary services

  • Sport
    Sports Venues

    From Golf packages to Athletic Training camps we offer various solutions for our clients.

    • Training Camps - Algarve

      Blessed with excellent natural conditions and high-quality infrastructure, the Algarve is an ideal destination for sports, including those that are played at the very highest level.
      With a mild climate all year round, temperatures ranging between 15º and 31º, a low level of rainfall and endless hours of sunshine (on average 3500 per year), the Algarve has the most stable climatic conditions in Portugal and Europe, together with a widely varying landscape.

      Making the most of its wonderful natural conditions, the Algarve also has a set of high-quality hotels and sports facilities that are capable of satisfying all the needs of sportsmen and women, even the most professional, in a wide range of different sports.
      Sports such as football, athletics and tennis have already clearly recognised that the Algarve has ideal conditions for the organisation of training sessions and competitions. In the same way, the building of modern sports complexes, such as the one in Vila Real de Santo António or the Algarve Stadium, has provided perfect conditions for engaging in a wide variety of different sports.

      • Athletic Training Camp List

        We at Exposé understand the needs of athletes, their training and specific requirements. Our experience guarantees you the smoothest travel arrangements while allowing you to focus on the main objective " training". The Algarve provides excellent conditions for training with top class sports facilities and optimum athletic programme's that enables many top teams and professional athletes to come to the Algarve and prepare themselves for competition in the mild climate of the south of the country every year. 

        Our Sport Dept. aims to be a complete service provider for athletes with a wide range of options for modern athletic tracks that the region has with top class infrastructure.
        Giving us the capacity to welcome the world’s most illustrious athletes, (Armstrong Dylan - "Shot put") (Robert Harting - "Discus") (Tero Pitkämäki, Mathias De Zordo - "Javelins"). We have worked with many athletic National Teams like: (SWEDEN, NORWAY, FINLAND, DENMARK, GERMANY, BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, IRELAND, WALES, LUXEMBURG, FRANCE, LITUANIA, LATVIA) and many clubs from all over europe. 

  • Promotions
  • Leisure
    Infinite Leisure


    • Portugal Leisure


      • Regions of Portugal

        Portugal has an administrative structure of 308 municipalities (Portuguese singular/plural: concelho/concelhos), which are subdivided into more than 4,000 parishes (freguesia/freguesias). Municipalities are grouped for administrative purposes into superior units. For continental Portugal the municipalities are gathered in 18 Districts, while the Islands have a Regional Government directly above them. Thus, the largest unit of classification is the one established since 1976 into either mainland Portugal (Portugal Continental) or the autonomous regions of Portugal (Azores and Madeira).




        The 18 district capitals of mainland Portugal are: Aveiro, Beja, Braga, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Évora, Faro, Guarda, Leiria, Lisbon, Portalegre, Porto, Santarém, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real, and Viseu - each district takes the name of the district capital.




        Portugal is divided into 7 regions (Açores, Alentejo, Algarve, Centro, Lisboa, Madeira, and Norte), which are subdivided into 30 sub regions.

    • Madeira Leisure
    • Azores Leisure


    • Holiday Packages


  • Health
    Health and Relaxation

    Relaxation is a must when you’re in Portugal. Forget about stress and give yourself up to total relaxation.
    Experience the pleasures of the great outdoors and enjoy Portugal's mild climate.

    Start on the coast where you can enjoy water sports. Or pay a visit to the islands and genuine oases of peace and quiet in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean.
    Long walks in the natural parks of mainland Portugal or through Madeira’s Laurisilva forest will take your breath away, as will observing the whales and dolphins off the coast of the Azores - perfect for unwinding and forgetting about the stresses and strains of everyday life.

    There’s nothing wrong with just spending your time on our wonderful beaches, relaxing in the sun or enjoying a refreshing dip in the sea. We have beaches to suit all tastes, ranging from the bustling ones in the Algarve to the small, deserted and unexplored hideaways of the Alentejo coast.
    If rest and relaxation hasn't rid you of your stress, try some alternative therapy at a modern spa. It’s just what the doctor ordered. In Portugal there’s a wide range of places and activities designed to help you relax. So take in the scenery, adapt to the Portuguese pace of life and you’ll leave feeling totally relaxed.